Coming Fall 2015


The idea for this performance piece came into being almost two years ago, though in truth, I have been writing it for years.

It is the story of women’s journeys – told thru words and dance: stories of love and obsession, sex and violence, forgiveness and rebirth.

It is my story. It is our story.

As I move forward with making it a reality this year, I felt a yearning to capture the process and share it.  It was a way to remind myself (yet again) that this is, as are all things in life, a process.  We don’t just show up on opening night.

Writing has always been my portal – to my thoughts, my longings, my healing.  And so as I step forward this year with bringing “The Skins I’ve Worn” to life, I felt the call to begin a diary, not just to capture the creative process, but also to explore my own healing.  I have created a separate blog to express this journey:



An invitation to an evening of words, dance and revelations
DATE: Fall 2015
TIME: Friday 8 pm, Saturday 8 pm, Sunday 5 pm
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA