Hands Across the Waters

As I’ve mentioned, I live in Los Angeles, and we don’t get much more blue than that.  In attending various gatherings post-election, the question comes up again and again: What can I do if my representatives already vote the way I believe?  The answers are solid: we can call them and rally for them to continue to support our values in the legislation.  Encourage them to be bold and aggressive in their defense of the constitution and protection of our rights.  Attend town halls and meet with them to continue to communicate our demands.

And I want to do more.  My stomach churns at the confirmation of Pruitt to the EPA.  My senators voted no – but 52 others voted yes!  I want to do more.

I was listening to MSNBC the other evening and Rachel Maddow mentioned a special election that was going to be held to fill Tom Price’s 6th Congressional seat in Georgia.  She then went on to question why the DNC was not sending forces down there to support a democratic alternative.  Trump had won by only 1.5 points there.  It was not outside the realm of possibility that we could flip this seat from red to blue.

Imagine the ripples this would send through the Republican bastions.  The look on their faces, the quiver in their bellies, when they discovered that indeed, the ‘pussy hats’ could do more than march.  Even if we did not win, the fact that we would rally in force behind a blue candidate, that we would raise money for them, that we would continue to raise awareness and make noise, might shake them up and get them to listen a little more openly.

So I’m way on board with this idea, but wondering what I could do from here, way across the country?  

The next morning I wake up to the words from a Beatles’ song, “hands across the water…” And as I’m walking, I’m thinking about ways that my hands could reach out to support other communities, across the state or even across the country.

I go online to learn a little bit more about the district.  I look to see if there is an Indivisible group there I can connect with.  I’m hearing about ‘huddles’ happening around the country and check that out.  

Then I ask myself who do I know that might have some suggestions.   And I think of someone.  At a water conference last year I struck up a conversation with this wonderful gal from Atlanta.  

So I got brave and gave her a call, and we had a talk.  I told her I was new to this stuff, but I wanted to do something.  She shared that though Tom Price was not in her district, she did have a friend who was in District 6, and she connected us.

I went online to discover there is an up and coming democratic candidate, Jon Ossoff, supported by John Lewis, who is gaining momentum. I read about him, I liked what he stood for, so I contributed to his campaign via ActBlue.  Because, yes, money talks, action speaks.

That melody has stayed with me, the words ‘hands across the water.’  I’ve created a map with stars to indicate where there are other people I know outside of Los Angeles, it’s pretty cool.  I’m going to reach out to them as well.  I love the vision of reaching hands across this country to sister cities, sister states to support a bigger vision.  One that is about unity, and having our voices heard, and protecting our rights.  

So I encourage you to scroll through your contact list, your Facebook friends, your linked in connections.  Consider who you know, have fun, reach out, it’s what we women do really well.  Who knows… maybe a bunch of gals in silly pink hats will change the world…


hands across the states



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