It is a Marathon not a Sprint

Finding My Rhythm to the Resistance

 Like many, I was exhilarated by the march and am inspired by those who are working valiantly to pull us together into a cohesive force. But I am also overwhelmed by the news coming out of Washington and the resulting calls to action to resist.

 I know I can’t sit on the sidelines and let this current administration run rampant without doing something. And I know I have to pace myself because this will be a long difficult slog. So I thought I would share some of the strategies I am developing to survive the resistance.

 Manage the input. Pick blocks of time during the day to read emails, check facebook, listen to the news. Determine which sources you trust for information.

 Manage the output. We only have 24 hours a day. Pick a block(s) of time to take focused action. Maximize your own gifts to be most effective: Write, call, email, march, speak, make art, donate.

 Manage the emotions. I am particularly vulnerable to this: getting angry or frustrated or frightened. Don’t let it consume you. Find ways to release: exercise, get into nature, turn on some music and dance.

95d28097b4edbbf400a9c872d2ab5f76 Feed the spirit (and body and mind). Essential.  There is no doubt that this work will be hard, stirring the muck, revealing both the darkness and the light in this country of ours. So we must fortify ourselves with care and kindness.

– Go quiet. Make sure to create time to turn off the noise. There are so many influences pulling at us, it is vital to go ‘inside’ to connect with our own personal guidance system, our own true north.

– Find sustenance in friends and family.  Share a meal, laugh, cry. It helps to remember we are not alone. Drink from their support.

– It is bigger than us. Whatever your faith or your belief system, lean into the support it provides. Whether it is praying at an altar, sitting in ceremony with your sisters, or lying under an oak tree, drink in the love, feel the connection, bow in gratitude for this life we have been given, and this opportunity to grow and evolve.

– Eat good food, made with love and respect.

– Sleep well and let your body’s own healing powers rejuvenate you.

– Remember you are not alone.

 So I am girding my loins, preparing myself for what may come. I recognize it is a marathon, not a sprint, so I am setting up the foundations; even if I falter, even if I fall, I will find the strength to rise again. Accepting that this will be a rough and tumble ride but, oh, what stories we will tell.






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