Look to the Horizon

photo3For any of you that have been on the ocean and have felt that growing queasiness in your belly, you may recall the best advice is to ‘look to the horizon.’  These days I feel as if every day is a tempest and my little dinghy is taking on so much water. 

As I sit here writing this morning, I beg my husband not to share the latest news until I’ve at least finished my coffee.  One of the things I’m exploring is how do I survive the next four days, much less the next four years!

The thought that comes to me, one I’ve heard again and again, but now understand more fully, is that I must anchor myself.  All around me the world is going topsy turvy, but there is little I can do about it if I’m tossing about as well.  And I must look to the horizon for hope.

Each of us have our own way of grounding, anchoring, connecting to our own guiding light, our own true north (look at all these navigation terms!).  For some it is meditation, for some it is dance, for some it is prayer, for some it is a walk in the mountains, or surfing on the seas.  Those are moments when it all stills inside, when the only voice you hear is your own.  It is in those moments that strength comes, inspiration comes, possibility comes, connection.  Whatever it is that anchors you to yourself, hold fast.   We cannot counter this chaos with panic, fear, fury.  It is exhausting and not sustainable.

As the waves rise high and threaten to drown us we must look to the horizon, to the principles we hold to: freedom, justice, equality, safety, peace – for all of us.  As I think of those words, those beautiful words, their meaning settles into my heart.  I become less afraid. My stomach eases, my breathing deepens.  I also know, have witnessed this huge outcry, that I am not alone in wanting this vision.

No matter the actions we take – calling, writing, speaking, creating, marching, singing, donating – when we look towards the horizon instead of the lurching seas around us we move with more power, more direction, more grace.  

From this place of calm and strength we can “be the change we want to see.”

So take a deep breath, imagine that distant horizon glowing like a sunrise after a storm, and make your stand.

Sunrise after th storm over the ocean and lagoon at Torrey Pines





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