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We are here to make a difference.

Each of us came here with a purpose, a vision we were meant to share. Each of us was gifted with our own unique talents and abilities. Each of us was meant to live a life of freedom and abundance. Each of us was meant to serve in our own way:

  • To love, heal, connect.
  • To join, empower, embrace.
  • To transform, create, protect.

But in order to serve those who need us, they have to be able to FIND us.

So now is the time to step out onto the stage to share your message with the audience that is yearning to hear you. Now is the time to shine your light, claim your voice and stand up with arms wide open. Now is the time to reveal the authentic, confident, inspiring. spirit that is you!

Because it is from this place that your ideal clients will find you. It is from this place that investors will discover you. It is from this place that new friends and partners will reveal themselves. And, it is from this place that you will create the abundance you desire.

So let me support you as you boldly step out into the world with power and passion: to shine your light, explore your shadow, live your potential. Let me support you as you express yourself in the way that is uniquely and exquisitely you.

I invite you, magnificent creatures, to step out, step up, discover, uncover, reveal, illuminate, share, express, create. Be the difference.

To your Journey!
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Let today be the day you step out, take the chance, blaze in your own light!
What people are saying:
About the Workshop

"She Works Magic! I had a presentation and was lost on how to approach it. It was going to be in front of many people and I needed some guidance. I was nervous and unsure of myself I rehearsed with her. She listened. She took notes and then worked her magic.

Her coaching approach is simple, honest and heart-felt. All my doubt about what I had to offer was released and I was significantly surer of myself.

I took her suggestions and genuine support with me the whole way through. I presented with a solid knowing that what I had to share was valuable and worth all my effort. The feedback I received from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. They wanted to hear more and more.

I felt on top of the world."
Stephanie Speights-Founder, Eco-Mama

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

- Anais Nim

"Connecting to the passion within. Marianne brought her focus and skill as a coach, director, and teacher into our environmental organization at a time when we needed to train people to become instructors and organizers. She developed a customized instructor training program for us.

Many of our people felt they were already qualified to teach because they could talk and had been paid to talk however all of them have learned through Marianne that communication that sparks action requires connecting profoundly to the passion within. Our program is highly successful: our instructors are very well reviewed by clients and students alike. And, perhaps most importantly, each of our instructors has taken these new found or improved communication skills into their professional lives outside of our organization. For us, this is truly the measure of success, and we could not have achieved it without Marianne."

Pamela Berstler Managing Member G3.The Green Gardens Group Watershed Wise Training
Michelle Hart Video Visibility Mentor