She Started a Band at 55

She Started a Band at 55

TheRhythmRanchGalsI wrote that headline this morning as I was doing my morning pages, my daily conversation with myself. It made me smile.  So I wrote it again.  

My first reaction was “No, that’s just a crazy thought. I can barely make a C chord.”  But then I let that thought expand, an unfurling flower.  What made me smile was the possibility of this idea, that out of the blue, this notion filled my head.

I have no idea why I picked up my guitar after all this time, only that I felt the impulse and I followed it.

I know that it feels really good to have music back in my life.  I know that it feels good to master something new, feeling the accomplishment of fingers over strings, deciphering notes on a page.  I know it feels really good to sing to the music, even as my voice cracks and struggles to find the key.  I appreciate that I can let go of ‘perfect,’ and instead celebrate improvement, and practice and expansion. 

I know that for the time that I am in class or practicing, nothing else matters.  It gives me something important to hold to – creativity, beauty, communion, structure.

 I turn 55 next month.  I am 10 years away from’ retirement.’  It is easy to give in to the general consensus that we, especially as women, are ‘over the hill’ at a certain age, that we are done with our most productive years.  

So when those words showed up on my page you bet it made me smile.  It showed me that there will continue to be unexpected surprises, twists and turns in this life we cannot predict.  It reminded me that it’s not over until we’ve taken our last breath (and even then).  It reminded me of how much I have to ‘live this life,’ even as the insanity spins around me and it is so easy to crawl into a hole and hide.

So who knows, maybe I will start a band.  My head scoffs, but my Soul?  She may have a different idea.

To unlimited possibilities….


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